About Me

Who am I you might ask?
I’m glad you asked, I am a retired professional basketball player, who at the height of his career decided to quit.
The money, bright lights, fame, couldn’t fill the void left being so far away from my family.
So I did what some would say is unthinkable, I walked away from all I knew professionally to be a full-time husband, and father.
Many will never understand why I would ever make such a controversial choice, but in truth, I knew that my family’s legacy was more important than my fame!

Sullivan has started a non-profit called Building Foundations For the Future, where they serve men and women.
The goal is to enlighten, engage, and help them evolve to the best person they can be.
When not speaking you can find him in elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools looking to help the next generation find their path to success.


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